Concept & styling

Every product development starts with the first draft and grows into a concrete concept proposal.

A thorough analysis of all the requirements and needs is the starting point for any successful design and product development. Together with your wishes, it forms the guiding principle for the design team. The goal is clear: a design for a plastic product which completely meets the customer's requirements, a design that looks attractive and is manufacturable.

From the very first drafts, our industrial designers not only consider the aesthetics but also examine the manufacturability according to different production processes. At every point of selection, the cost aspect is taken into consideration, too.

Do you need a product design?


3D product design is a combination of creativity, technology, and knowledge. In close cooperation, we develop your plastic part into a production-ready piece.

The 3D models are generated based on the styling through the CAD program PRO/E - Creo. From the very beginning of the construction the material characteristics, production techniques, environment and assembly are taken into account. The development of the parts in metal, thermo hardeners and thermoplasts are based on many years of experience atVISION ENGINEERING.

3D realistic renders are consistently available during the development process. VISION ENGINEERING uses Keyshot to show the evolution of the design to the customer.

Frequent online meetings ensure that our customers are up-to-date with the project.

The concept and an excellent 3D construction determines the cost price, aesthetics and reproducibility of a product.

Discover the possibilities of 3D product design


Make the design tangible. A prototype of a 3D design provides a clear vision and realistic representation of the final product.

VISION ENGINEERING provides rapid prototyping through various production methods. Depending on the requirements, we choose the appropriate technique during consultation with the customer. A product prototype can be purely aesthetic, but equally functional and of the same material as the final product series.

Possibilities for prototype engineering;
- Rapid prototyping including SLA, SLS, and FOM
- 5-axis milling in PU, wood or plastic
- Vacuum forming with wooden or PU moulds


Your design prototype

Working with Vision Engineering?

The advantages

Direct contact

A single point of contact from initial design to finished product. Quickly enjoy a production-ready design, without time-consuming coordination between external designers or other third parties.

Technical knowledge

Each design takes into account the technical possibilities and limitations of production and materials, as well as the surroundings in which the components will be assembled.


Each design choice has an impact on the part's production costs. Thanks to cost-conscious designing, these implications are already taken into account during the initial drafts.

Fast execution

Once a design is ready, the mould production can start straight away. An additional design phase, to make the products ready for production, is unnecessary. This saving significantly shortens the time to market.