Know-how, creativity and quality developments make the difference to our worldwide customers.

VISION ENGINEERING is an industrial partner in the development process. Together with you and your suppliers we explore different solutions in plastic, composite or metal taking into account the application and the environment in which the product will be used.

Years of experience

VISION ENGINEERING is a SME with a professional attitude. Our experience in engineering combined with our extended CAD knowledge in Pro/e - Creo results in production ready 3D files for our customers.

With our knowledge and creativity we are a reliable partner for industrial vehicles constructors and machine builders.

Call on our experience


VISION ENGINEERING works with Pro/e-Creo a standard in the industry. Native or STEP files guarantee the flawless exchange. An internal revision control makes sure we always use the most recent file. The files are build up in a compatible way so that they can be integrated without problem into the customer’s PLM software.


Thanks to years of collaboration between VISION ENGINEERING, customers and suppliers we have a large bank of knowledge in the development of the following processes and materials:
  - Bending, metal stamping, welding and assembly jigs in steel
  - Vacuum forming
  - Low and high pressure injection of thermoplastics
  - Rotational moulding
  - Transformation of thermohardeners, hand layup and RTM
  - Thermocompression of cladding, headliners and noise insulation panels

This together with an in-depth CAD knowledge:
  - Top down design
  - Large assembly management
  - Complex surface design
  - Rendering (Keyshot)


All projects are executed by VISION ENGINEERING in complete transparency. Our ERP system keeps the daily time sheet. Each month the customer receives a detailed summary of the time sheet and corresponding invoice.

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